Years ago, I bought commentaries and books by the hundreds as I studied the Bible. Soon I had 7,000 volumes and storage was a problem. So was searching through the pages to find the information I really needed.

Then Biblesoft was born. I began to use them years ago and rarely use the books I have not yet given away! On my laptop, I have tens of thousands of pages of Bible versions, books, commentaries, maps, pictures–everything a Bible student would ever need. All of this comes on three CD disks that will export contents into a laptop or desktop.

One of the best features is the ability to search through documents using a feature not possible using printed books. For example, I have researched all the references to “church” in the multi-volume set of books containing the writings of the Pre-Nicene Church Fathers. What would have taken two weeks in a seminary library took only an hour.

You can open many translations of the Bible simultaneously to see how the verses are expressed, search for the meanings of Greek words without knowing the Greek language.

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Sooner or later, all Bible scholars learn that this web site has the largest selection of Bibles and solid Christian books. Their prices usually are much lower than bookstore prices and they have good service. Take a look at their site CLICK HERE


Many years ago, I launched a nonprofit ministry to equip believers for ministry. We called it “TOUCH”–“Transforming Others Under Christ’s Headship.” All my training materials are available here, as well as books and multimedia tools for personal and church growth. We are the world’s center for Cell Church materials in English and some additional languages. Browse the site and find tools to help you further mature in Christ. The Equipping Track I have written will be a great source of growth for you! I have written it as Daily Growth Guides, similar to COVER THE BIBLE where a few minutes a day is all you need to invest. CLICK HERE