Now you can cover the Bible from
Genesis to Revelation, right on your
computer screen. It’s fun, easy and

Confused about what the Bible teaches? COVER THE BIBLE provides an interactive multimedia experience that will help you understand your Bible and apply it to your life.

Using this web site, you’ll be able to overview the entire Bible. Using just five minutes a day, you will work through every book of the Bible — or select which books you’d like to study first.

Imagine . . . understanding the background of each book. . . gaining insights into the lives of men like Abraham and Paul. . . discovering how God uses ordinary people for extra-ordinary tasks!


  • Every family member can use this resource. It tracks each person’s progress! Each day, you will see an illustrated version of the scriptures, using over 1,200 illustrations, maps and charts.
  • 26 hours of audio explanations, video clips, suggestions for further study are provided.
  • The 488 pages in the Cover the Bible textbook are presented on your screen as Dr. Neighbour teaches facts for you to remember.
  • The presentation is basic. It can be used by home school children above age 12.
  • If you desire, you can secure the 488 page Cover the Bible text. Having the entire book available intact will allow you to print selected pages for further study.

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